Uganda TheGoddess

The Founder’s Journey

Uganda “The Goddess” Reed was born in Atlanta, GA on January 22, 1973. Her journey brought her to become a woman that speaks out against violence and wanting to help others heal. She is also a motivational speaker, published author, meditation instructor, spiritual/life mentor, radio host and an Entrepreneur. Uganda’s proudest achievement, however, is being an amazing mother to her five (four birthed and one God given) wonderful children.

​Uganda’s journey to becoming “The Goddess” was not an easy one. As a child, she witnessed domestic violence –that was so horrific, at the age of eleven she asked God to let her die. The affects of watching the violence against her mom almost destroyed her. She had to be the keeper of her siblings which made her have to grow up really fast. She was a victim herself as well, having her innocence stolen at a very young age and raped as a teenager.

All of these painful experiences would manifest as fear of loving and being loved. “I feared love because my perception of love was impacted by what I’d seen and endured as a child. I was haunted by the memories of my step-father beating my mother and then saying, “I love you.” I was guarded, not trusting anyone, and equated love with pain. I was a dead woman walking!” However, rather than become angry and embittered, “The Goddess” opened her heart to God’s love and began to write. “I had to surrender to God and allow my painful self to “die” to claim God’s promise to me and allow Him to shape and mold me into a woman of purpose, destiny and power. I emerged as “The Goddess created in His image!” She courageously shares these experiences in her writing and performing powerful spoken word pieces and poems at venues throughout the Southeast.

“The Goddess” uses her many talents to shine light and love into the hearts and minds of her listening audience on her Radio Show Best of Both Worlds aired on 99.7 FM by speaking words of encouragement, strength, determination, and self-love To capture other audiences internationally she started an internet based Radio Station called Pink Dungeon Radio. Uganda’s transformation into “The Goddess” is an example of someone who has victoriously overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. “We often look AT ourselves, but not IN ourselves. We must cease scraping the surface and dig deep enough to shake up the ground to find the gold.”

Uganda “The Goddess” doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She practices and teaches a variety of meditation techniques that are effective in reprogramming the mind, body and soul. These innovative techniques bring about balance and center the body, mind and soul, which opens the flow of healing, growth and greatness. She loves helping others become their “greatest selves.”

​Uganda “The Goddess” relaxes by writing, meditating and horseback riding. Her greatest joy is spending time with her children and grandchildren. “The Goddess” embraces each day and each moment of her journey with exuberance and joy​! “I must live my best life if I’m going to show others how to live theirs!” U R Power!!

Uganda TheGoddess is keen on being of service and helping others. She started a Non Profit called Put a Sock on the Homeless Foundation. An encounter with a homeless guy changed her life when she have a pack of socks instead of money. He told her he had not had any new or clean socks in years and appreciated them so much with tears. She began to purchase bulks of socks and put on events to collect socks. Uganda and a goes out and pass out socks and toiletries to the homeless. Uganda also visit schools and reads to students. She created a Mentoring and meditation program called U R Power to assist youths, teens, and young adults on their journey of learning, healing or self realization.

​If you are interested in Uganda “The Goddess” speaking at an event or Host a game night, for media/radio interviews, donate socks to Put A Sock on It Homeless Foundation, or to purchase her books, the build a man game, and herbs please contact her by email at or or 865-413-7468